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Amber Earrings Inside A Silver Eye

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eye shaped silver earrings with amber
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The orange amber is from the Baltic regions and is supported on a circular plinth of silver suspended from the upper curve.

The hooks are also composed of sterling quality silver meaning that since they are 92.5% pure silver and 7.5% copper there is no nickel.

The design and shape of the pendant is loosely based on the third eye.

silver earring in the shape of an eye with an amber

A Personal Item of Silver Jewellery

A tear-drop of amber is set on a right-angled plinth, cradled between two right-angled bands of silver in the shape of an eye. These stunning drop ear-rings look amazing from any angle and are frequently to be found on the wish-list of amber admirers.


Dimensions of Earring

The pear shaped cognac amber is sandwiched between two carefully hand made curves of sterling silver. The width of the earring is 22 mm whilst its height (excluding hook) is 15mm. The artistic qualities of the design will add style to any attire. On average, five grams of sterling silver is used to make these contemporary amber drop ear-rings.