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Amber Celtic Earrings

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celtic silver earrings with amber
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The venerable qualities of the amber combine harmoniously with the mythological celtic composition. The silver handiwork is finished in a highly polished, well proportioned form. The jump-ring welded to the top of the ear-ring freely moves around the carefully finished ear-ring hooks.

These earrings are a fabulous example of celtic jewellery with the knotted structure representing the best in celtic style and design.

silver celtic earrings with amber

Celtic Knot in Silver

- Aesthetically pleasing amber drop ear-rings. They are composed of a heart shape of amber captured in a heart shaped silver mount, which is welded onto a lattice of silver in the form of a celtic knot. The earring is suspended from a traditional silver wire hook.


Dimensions of Amber Earring

Six grams of fine sterling quality silver, create these celtic style amber ear-rings. The earrings measure approximately 10 mm wide by 30 mm high and 5 mm Deep. A small ridge borders each amber to create a twin layered and beveled surround.