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The variety of pastel shades makes them suitable for any hair colour or skin tone.

One of the many lovely features of these earrings are the smooth and subtle light changes as they dangle. Each carefully hand cut segment is iridescent meaning it refracts light in a variety of hues.

These exclusive earrings are made with no nickel easing any allergy fears you may have. Moreover they are sent in a nice box for safekeeping or for use as that special present of silver jewellery.

mosaic of mother of pearl earrings

A Mosaic Mother of Pearl

£9.95 - A mosaic of pastel shades of mother of pearl set in an oval shaped, sterling silver ear-ring. The combination of colours means it can be worn with any pink, blue or yellow outfit. The beautiful arrangement of colour is framed with precision by the shining silver. A popular pair of earrings that can be presented as a token of affection or as a gift to mark a special moment.

pink, yellow and blue silver earrings

Dimensions of Earring

reverse side of blue and yellow earrings

The earring body has a centre width of 10mm and a height of 25 mm. Together they weigh approximately five grams. The mosaic of mother of pearl is inlaid onto a sterling silver mount which has a very shiny, polished back. Each piece of this special shell lies flush with the mount creating a lovely smooth and silky feel.