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These unique earrings are both intricate yet paradoxically simple in design. they make a personal gift of silver jewellery as the design is exclusive to the silverstall and only a limited number were ever made.

The shiny properties of the mother of pearl help bring these earrings to life.

The opposite side of the earring has two small cut windows to allow light and visual access to the blue and pink.

silver earrings with pink and blue mother of pearl

Pink and Blue Mother of Pearl

£9.95 - A pair of round silver discs inlaid with pink and blue mother of pearl. A unique pattern is etched out of the silver in the centre. The pastel colours make these earrings suitable for both formal and casual occasions. The reflective qualities of the shell add to the elegance of these outstanding earrings.

Earring Dimensions

pink and blue silver earrings

Each disc has a depth of 2 mm and a diameter of 20 mm. Together they weigh approximately ten grams. The reverse and sides of the earring are composed of polished silver.