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Optically there is very little difference between the imitation pearls and real pearl. The variety of colours make the earring capable of blending with a wide range of outfits.

The earring hook is made from sterling silver, as is the circle and its chain links.

For a further view, these earrings are featured in the image on our main page of silver earrings.

pearl on silver earrings

Colourful Earrings

£6.95 - A colourful array of imitation pearls, suspended within a circle of silver wire attached to an earring hook. The light green is beautifully contrasted by the rich violet colour. the cluster of these stunning little imitation pearls are held together by a series of subtle chains and rings.

Dimensions of Earring

jackie wearing pearl earrings

The diameter of the silver circle is 35 mm. These lightweight silver earrings weigh only two grams. Each pearl is attached to the circle by a silver chain link. Movement creates a varied pattern of the pearl droplets giving the earrings an extra aesthetic dimension. As you can see the hoop of silver helps to draw attention to the delightful bunch of colourful pearls.