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Finest quality sterling silver you could ever wish to buy at a fraction of the price sold elsewhere.

Some say that wearing a pentagram will heal all ills and dispatch evil spirits away from its wearers. Others say the pentagram possess powers beyond the imagination - whatever they look nice with practically anything.

We also have silver pentagram pendants that would be an ideal partner for these earrings.

five pointed star silver ear-rings

A pair of Five Pointed Stars

£7.95 -A pair of silver earrings in the shape of pentagrams. The mystical properties of this five pointed star are beautifully captured in these dangle ear-rings. Each earring is precision cast from sterling silver. The uppermost point of the star is suspended from a sterling silver hook.

Dimensions of Earring

pentagram silver ear-rings

These amazing earrings weigh in at roughly 3.5 grams. An ideal weight as they are not too heavy. At its widest point they measure 25 mm wide. They freely swing on their silver hooks.

The earring is in fact of the upright pentacle variety as it points upwards. This symbol is the most common of all pentagrams and has a long association with various religions and cultures for centuries.