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Diamond Shape Creole Hoops

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silver hoop earrings in a diamond shape
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Silver jewellery never looked so elegant as these wonderful earrings that resemble the shape of a horse shoe.

As you can see in the above image the earrings are an average size as shown compared to a UK pound coin.

Definition of Creole Earring

The creole earring is a hoop earring distinguishable by having a bar to secure attachment. It originates from the 15th century when it was often worn by Portuguese sailors. The meaning of the word globally often refers to a mixed race of people and/or a common language made up from a mixture of words from diferent languages.

diamond shaped creole earrings

Diamond Shape Creoles

A stunning pair of silver diamond shaped, hoop earrings. A new and unique design with a hinged wire fastener. The styling will reflect sunshine and light to make these really dazzle. The flat surface also maximises the reflective qualities the silver. The curvaceous and symmetrical lines are brought into focus by the sheer simplicity of the design.


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Dimensions of Creole Earring

horseshoe shape earrings

Approximately 25 mm Wide by 25 mm High. The total weight of both earrings is 3.6 grams. The centre of the lower curve has a depth of approximately 1.5 mm. The hinged wire clicks into a two pronged arm located at the top of the ear-ring. They are not traditional creoles in the sense they lack the bulge in the middle however their diamond shape ought to make them part of the creole family. Weight of both earrings is 4 grams.