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Factors that Determine The Price

For silver the chief factor is weight. Most silver is sold by the gram and consequently the heavier the item the more expensive it will be. Another factor can be the design itself. For example moving parts tend be more expensive due to the extra skill and labour involved. Examples include the teddy bear ring with its moving head and paws.

Within our stores we stock an attractive selection of contemporary rings in plain silver. A variety of different sizes and designs is offered, which are suitable for both men and women. We constantly update the designs weekly. balls silver ring
Some rings we are waiting to return such as this silver Triple ball ring

You may have noticed there are a lot more designs in silver than there is in Gold. This is partly due to the price of silver compared to the Gold price. Since Gold costs 20 times more, the designers do not enjoy the same freedom or the ability to take risks which the silversmiths enjoy.

Rings For men and Women

tray with silver rings sold at £3.50

The rings shown in the ring tray tend to be lightweight in nature however for more of our selection see the next page of heavy weight silver rings

Factors which influence the design of a ring

Aside from the obvious aesthetics of a design such as the needs of fashion curves, styles and lines, there are also a number of other factors taken into consideration.