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Amethyst and Rose-Quartz on Silver Ring

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amethyst and rose-quartz on silver ring
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The stones are sandwiched between the carefully curved, hand-crafted sterling silver ring. The Blue Topaz is a remarkable contrast to the violets and purple of the amethyst. The three colours give the ring remarkable versatility when finding a ring to accompany an outfit.

A smart choice as a gift of silver jewellery not least for the diversity of the semi-precious stones used to create it.

silver ring with an amethyst, rose quartz and blue topaz

Amethyst with Blue Topaz and Rose-Quartz

£12.95 A faceted amethyst is set as the centre piece of this contemporary silver ring. A rose quartz and blue topaz are set either side to create a colorful blend. The unique setting is aceheived by cradling each stone in the overlapping ends of the ring shank. Available in sizes L and Q.

Dimensions of Silver Ring

profile of silver ring with an amethyst, rose quartz and blue topaz

This unique and contemporary silver ring weighs between 7 to 8 grams. (depending on size) The width of the shank is 3 mm whilst each stone is 4 mm in diameter. As you can see from the profile image of the ring, the stone settings are protected by the walls of the deep shank.

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