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Claddagh Ring

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silver claddagh ring
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The claddagh ring is both novel and elegant. It is a design that can be traced back over many years and remains to this day a popular choice of silver ring. So popular it now almost enjoys iconic status.

The same design of ring is often made in Gold however its detailed features are only really brought to life in silver.

If you want to add poetry to your feet then why not also try one of silver claddagh toe-rings

sterling silver claddagh ring

Classic Irish Jewellery

The infamous Claddagh ring is an item of classic silver celtic jewellery. Inspired by a Irish Poem in which the hands crown their love of someone it represents a romantic and thoughtful gift. Cast from solid sterling silver it never fails to impress. You can choose the following sizes:- N,P, R and T


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Ring Dimensions

Weighing on average seven grams (which vary's by size) it is quite a long ring and measures roughly 30 mm from the tip of the fore finger to the wrist. The miniature ring on the index finger is welded on and despite its relatively low price it is a fairly detailed piece of silver jewellery.