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Round Labradorite Ring

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Round Labradorite Silver Ring
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The Labradorite is a lovely mixture of dark greens mingled with shaded of light blue.

The gemstones natural fissures make no one piece identical however rest assured your ring will have the same shape and size of gemstone as the one shown.

A round Labradorite set in a chunky silver ring

A Round Labradorite

A round Labradorite set in a plain stering silver ring. The chunky silver ring shank and cusp give a quality feel to this enduring item of silver jewellery.


Dimensions of Labradorite Ring

The round Labradorite gemstone is roughly 13mm in diameter and is a quite deep 8mm. It has a rounded dome shape and weighs approximately 4 grams. It is currently available in sizes 'O' - 'P' - 'R' - 'S'.

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