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Moonstone Ring

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moonstone ring
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Each moonstone is utterly unique and no one piece of moonstone is exactly the same as the other. This guarantees you are buying a truly personal item of silver jewellery.

The moonstone is a natural feldspar and therefore you will see within its distinct cracks and blemishes that distinguishes the gem stone from artificial copies.

oval shaped moonstone on silver ring

A Dome Shaped Oval Moonstone

A moonstone ring made from an oval cut moonstone set on a decorated plinth of sterling silver. The ring decoration is a fine rope of sterling silver wrapped around the stunning moonstone.


Dimensions of Moonstone Ring

The oval shaped moonstone is approximately 14mm wide by 18mm. It has a bulbous dome shape with a depth of about 7mm. It has a significant weight of six grams.

The current sizes we have on the UK scale are 'O' - 'Q' - 'P' - 'U'.

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