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Silver Russian Wedding Ring

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silver russian wedding ring
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Aside from looking fabulous, one of the great features of this ring is that you can play around reshaping the rings whilst wearing them on your finger. The rings freely rotate inside each other and can make an interesting variety of shapes and designs.

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three sterling silver rings

Three rings in One

Three sterling silver rings in one. This classical design is sometimes referred to as a Russian wedding band ring. Can be worn on any finger including your thumb. These are now also available in the larger sizes that are suitable as thumb rings:- J, K, U, W, X and Y.


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Dimensions of Silver Ring

The combined weight of the rings is between six to ten grams which varies according to the size of the ring that is ordered.

Why is it called a Russian Wedding Band?

Some say the name of these interlinked rings derives from a Russian orthodox church wedding where it is claimed the traditional ring consists of three interlocking bands, however this is rarely the case and there seems little historical or logical reason as to why these rings are called Russian wedding bands.