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Cat Studs

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The detail is so precise there is in fact a left and a right hand sided cat, distinguished by the tilt of the cats head.

Cat earrings were first worn in ancient Egyptian times. Since Cats were sacred, many artifacts including silver jewellery, depicting cats have been found. The egyptians also worshipped the goddess "Bastet" who would appear on earth in the form of a cat. Both men and women from all egyptian social classes wore earrings.

Cat Stud Earrings

silver cat stud earrings

Sterling silver cat stud earrings. The carefully constructed stud post earring features a cat in a sitting position with its tail tucked in behind its front legs.


Dimensions of Cat Earring

These "purr-fe ct" earrings measure 15 mm from head to tail with a weight of 2 grams. The fur is simulated by careful hand strokes across the surface of the silver.

Other Cat Jewellery

These earrings are wonderfully complimented by our silver cat brooch which has a pair of cats sat next to each other.