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Combine the benefits of studs and dangle with these unusual earrings are guaranteed to make heads turn. They are composed of a ring and ball attached to a stud post. From the ring a thick dangling silver wire leads to a heart. .

These ultra modern earrings, have a unique and artistic style.

Some have removed the wire with the heart to leave just the ring and ball on the post. This alone makes an attractive accessory often worn at the top of the ear.

drop and stud earring

A combined Drop and Stud Earring

£4.95 Hand-made sterling silver stud ear-rings. The carefully curved silver wire leads to a heart shape of silver. The ear-rings measure approximately 40 mm in length. The stud post is fastened by a silver butterfly back. The wire leads to a ring that freely rotates around a small silver ball welded to the end of the stud post. A simple yet effective design of silver jewellery.

silver heart stud ear-rings

Dimensions of Combination Earring

A plain silver ring with a diameter of 8 mm is attached to a standard sized stud post with a ball end. Hooked onto that ring is the curved silver wire with a heart annexed to the e foot of it. The relatively light weight of 2 grams makes them comfortable without fear of irritation.