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Drake Circus Shop

Our new jewellery shop is now open. The shop situated in Drake Circus, North Hill and opposite Plymouth university, across the road from the new DrakeCircus shopping centre. It has two floors and exhibits a wider range of beaded jewellery as well as the silver currently shown in our Armada shopping centre shop.

Jewellery news throughout April to June 2005

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The forthcoming quarters reforms.


Silicon wrist bands continue to be popular with all the proceeds being donated to charity. The hot season has seen ankle chains increase in popularity. All our silver anklets have been pre-sold to wholesalers however we hope to reserve some lines for this site by September.

May 2005

Shares in mining companies tend to be more erratic than the price of the commodities they are mining because the cost of extraction is computed before the silver is mined and is based on the selling price of that metal either at the time or on a future price that might reasonably be expected once the silver is mined. The problem arises when their is a large percentage drop in metal prices after it has been mined. hence one reason why shares are not is synchronisation with the commodity prices.

Moulds for the new designs of mother of pearl and zircon silver rings have been completed and casting is now taking place. The new range will be shown in the Armada Way shop in or about the third week of May.

Our Belly Bars have just got cheaper, thanks to even faster production methods. Despite excellent quality surgical steel and titanium we are still the consistently cheapest source of body jewellery in the world. (jewelled banana bars start from 50p each!)

April 2005

A New face and faster navigation to this site is being undertaken and should be ready in July 2005.

New packaging to arrive in may 2005. Following a joint venture with a leading Japanese electronic company a new 'pillow-box' will be introduced to our stores so that any purchase over £2 will receive a new specially tailored gift-box. The unique gift box was designed to accommodate high-end mobile phones and jewellery. From this site you can learn more about the silver jewellery we sell.