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Sorry we no longer offer gift vouchers online. Our shops do accept some of the High Street Coupons that are also redeemable in Wilkinson's and Boots. These can be exchanged for silver jewellery up to their redeemable value. Our shop can also issue a gift voucher.

Anyone who purchased gift vouchers through the paypal system can contact us directly and we will refund them in full.

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Sorry but we no longer use the paypal gift voucher system due to technical problems with their redemption and also the association of online gift vouchers with the use of stolen credit-cards.

Why Send Gift Vouchers?

Many customers often ask why use gift vouchers. Some say it is a convenient way to send a present however a larger majority will say why not just send money or a postal order. At least with money if gives the option of spending it anywhere as opposed to fixing the gift to one shop or fixing it to one type of product such as silver jewellery.

One in Ten Gift Vouchers are never Used

Did you know that over one in ten of every gift voucher is never used. This means the stores are making an extra 10% on each voucher they sell. Rather than give that 10% to charity theses stores treat it as profit. This dubious practice of is not something we wish to engage in.

What to do with my Old Gift Vouchers

Sometimes really old gift vouchers although no longer redeemable are sought after by relic hunters and antique dealers, so do not throw them away until you have had an opportunity of getting them checked out by such organisations. An example of these include the old UK green shield stamps whose value as a collectors item now exceeds their original value.

Another difficulty with gift vouchers are the complex VAT regulations. For example VAT may be paid when you buy the voucher but what happens if that voucher is used to buy an item that does not attract VAT such as food.