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The integrity of these earrings is unequalled. Constructed from a semi-circular tube of sterling silver the pattern is embossed onto the surface of the silver.

These hoop earrings combine the needs of modern aesthetic desires, with the classical look of ancient greece. A perfect example of neoclassical and neoteric silver jewellery.

decorative silver hoop ear-rings

Decorative hoops

£5.95 An elegant pair of sterling silver hoop ear-rings, composed of a three-quarter hoop, decorated with a pattern inspired by ancient greek design. The earring connects by a hinged wire that clicks into a wired cradle on the opposite side.

Hoop Earring Specifications

silver hoop earrings in a greek styleThese small hoops have a diameter of 15 mm. The weight of the pair is a modest one to two grams. They are composed of sterling silver throughout and the detailed pattern extends to both sides of the earring body.