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Filigree Creole Earrings

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filigree creole silver hoop earrings
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These filigree creole earrings are sent in a gift-box or velvet bag and make a marvelous gift of silver jewellery. They can be regularly polished with the appropriate silver polish cloth.

The earring is attached by a hinged wire that inserts to the hollow tubing of its opposite end.

Despite their contemporary look and feel, the design is based on a late Edwardian style. The elegant shape and pattern combines well with almost any attire.

silver filigree creole earrings

An Intricate lattice

Filigree creole ear-rings, composed of a lattice of hand-crafted sterling silver. The carefully constructed earring is made completely from sterling silver. These bulbous creoles are of a pure classic style that never seems to go out of fashion.

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Dimensions of Earring

filigree creole earring

Approximate weight of both earrings is just over twelve grams. The carefully hand-crafted lattice of sterling silver, makes an inspiring and classical jewellery accessory. The diameter of each ear-ring is approximately 30 mm which is demonstrated by the image of the earring in proximity to an english one pound coin. The lower bulge of the earring body is 10 mm wide.