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The all round compliment to any jewellery box. Traditional hoop earrings in a large size.

An all round pair of earrings that will suit any age group or any style.

The hollow tubing has been beautifully finished to perfection to provide a beautifully smooth and polished finish.

These big hoops are 15 mm larger than the previous similar pair that sold for £4.95.

As you can see from the image each hoop has a unique square cut tubing.

The pound coin in the illustration gives you a perspective of their large size.

large plain silver hoop earrings

Large Hoop Earrings

£8.95 - A pair of big hoop ear-rings cast from sterling silver. A classic design and multi-purpose pair of silver earrings. They can be worn as a pair or individually. Their bold and simple round curves create their distinctive and noticeable style.

Earring Dimensions

earrings with hollow tubing

The approximate diameter is 40 mm and their weight is just under 4 grams. The hollow tubing is 1 mm thick. Aside from giving the earring extra strength the hollow tubing reduces the weight thereby leading to a more comfortable fit, with less strain on the ear-piercing.