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These head turning, extra large hoop earrings make a bold fashion statement. The image below, shows just how big these earrings are compared to a UK one penny coin.

The hinged post inserts into the hollow tubing which has a smooth round cut to it.

Unlike their gold counterparts, they add sophistication and style to a night out. They really are a bold statement of fashion awareness.

The diameter of the silver tubing is a generously sized 1.2 mm , making them a thick and strong hoop earring
mega hoop earring
mega size silver hoops

Huge silver Hoops

£15.95 - Made from sterling silver they are truly spectacular earrings. Constructed from hollow tube of sterling silver they are large but also lightweight comparative to their size. The timeless quality permits these earrings to be worn throughout the years without fear of them ever going out of fashion. For that special ladies night out they have few equals. The combined weight of a pair is approximately 8 grams.

(image of the lady shows the 100 mm hoops)

100 mm hoop earrings

The Larger 100mm Hoop

£17.95 - The diameter measures approximately a massive 100 mm. You will probably not find larger hoop ear-rings. The perfectly round and precision made tubing is constructed of sterling silver throughout.