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The ring makes a unique gift of silver jewellery. It serves as both an everyday fashion accessory and a brain teasing puzzle. It captures hours of imagination.

To tax the mind even further We also have the six piece puzzle ring.

girl assembling puzzle ring

For instructions on how to reassemble puzzle-rings

Four Sterling Silver Rings in One

four silver puzzle rings

£14.95 - Four sterling silver rings linked to form the classical puzzle ring. The rings can be released and then reassembled. Each ring is meticulously hand-crafted to precise measurements so they can slot together like a jigsaw puzzle. The precision cut rings, form a cross over pattern that will suit either a lady or gentleman. Currently available in sizes "N", "P", "Q", "R","T", and "U". (the larger sizes "T" and "U" are suitable for use as thumb rings)

Dimensions of Ring

four piece silver puzzle ring

Weight approximately 5 to 10 grams depending on size. Each ring is carefully shaped from plain silver so as to interlock with the other rings. Eight and sixteen piece versions are available in our shops, which also sell more heavy weight silver rings. We hope to publish these online soon however the rising price of silver has made it difficult to create cost effective heavy weight silver rings.