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The ring is dispatched with a small wire around the rear of the rings. This acts as a safety clasp to prevent the ring from coming apart whilst in transit.

Once assembled the ring will maintain its shape on the finger however care must be exercised when removing it to prevent accidental disassembly.

For a less challenging ordeal try our four piece puzzle ring which has only four and not six rings.

six piece silver puzzle ring

Silver Jewellery with a Puzzle

£16.95 - A silver six piece puzzle ring. A variation to the classic four piece puzzle ring but with the added complexity of two further rings. Each individual ring is painstakingly cast and filed to produce a precision fit. Once assembled all six rings form an attractive oval shaped design. It comes in sizes p, q, s, t, u, y and w. The larger sizes are also great as thumb rings.

Dimensions of Puzzle Ring

The weight depends on size, but on average is six grams. Each ring can be manipulated into place to form the shape shown in the image. Aside from being a lovely treasure of silver jewellery, it is a good intellect test and can provide hours of amusement. Each individual shank is composed of polished sterling silver and is carefully handcrafted to precision detail. For instructions on how to reassemble the rings