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Silver jewellery News throughout July to September 2005

This seasons main accessory has to be the gemstone necklaces. Orders for our shell products have tripled in the past few months and we are continually increasing production to meet demand for both domestic and international markets.

With all our products at least 50 per cent of the sale proceeds is returned to meet manufacturing costs - unlike 'fair-trade' shops who only return 15 per cent - do you think its fair if you spent £50 on materials and labour to make an item for sale at £100 and then only get paid £15!!

September 2005

Exports of silver jewellery to the US and Japan leap. This quarter has seen a remarkable leap in volume shipments to the US and Japan fuelled by a strengthening dollar/yen. Subject to legal formalities a new franchised store is due to open shortly in Shiba Koen Minato Ku, Tokyo. This will increase our far-eastern presence to Japan.

A new range of amber pendants has been released on display in our shops. The range include large cabochon amber including smaller turquoise and coral to produce a stunning pendant.


On Friday 26th August we launch our first public showing of a new range of wood on silver. Hitherto it has always been difficult to set wood and silver together because of the problem with heat from the cooling silver burning the wood. However with new heat resistant micro-shields we have overcome this problem to produce a stunning collection of ear-rings, rings and bracelets. We hope to publish this new range on this web-site before the end of this month.

wood on silver jewellery

We hope to complete the new fully dynamic web-site by September of this year. The difficulty is creating a balance between a state of the art site or a non dynamic (like this one) which is accessible to dial-up connections.

Our new autumn range of designs of silver jewellery have (for once) been kept secret. The range will be launched and tested in our Plymouth shops in the 3rd week of August. A whole new selection of ear-rings, necklaces and bangles will be displayed shifting the current emphasis away from mother of pearl or shell to a newly developed stone-composite.


Congratulations to London and Dorset for winning the Olympics bid.

A warning from our mines operator that Barclays were moving into the Silver market by creating an investment fund that will focus heavily on the purchase of raw silver. The effect of such a giant global investor will be enormous and therefore now is the time to buy silver as this time next year you can expect it to double in price.

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