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The answers

Silver Jewellery

  1. What is the 925 mark, stamped on the silver jewellery?
    This is the convention mark required by the Hallmarking Acts which denotes that the item is at least 92.5% silver.
  2. Why is the same silver jewellery you sell more expensive elsewhere?
    We sell at the true market value and not internet inflated prices. Also as we are directly involved with the design and production of each item there are no middle-men or wholesalers adding their profit onto the price. To learn more about our silver jewellery
  3. what if their is a fault in the product?
    A. send it back and we will offer a full refund. Alternatively you can take it into one of our shops.


  1. What if items are lost in the post?
    Before you sign for them its our responsibility and we will re-send the items. After you have signed the responsibility passes to you.
  2. But after I signed for them there were items missing from the package.post box in red
    Let us know immediately and we will check to ensure no errors were made. We have recently installed a high definition PTZ camera in our dispatch department which records what items go into the package prior to it being sealed.
  3. How long will it take to receive my items?
    The jewellery is sent in the next post. You should receive them within 3 days of the purchase.


  1. Do your prices include VAT?
    No Vat is added so the price you see is the price you pay.
  2. Is Paypal safe?
    Yes because it takes stringent anti-fraud measures to ensure card safety and offers money back guarantees and compensation in the event of certain defaults by a vendor.
  3. can i pay by cheque?
    No because its too difficult to verify whether the cheque book/card has been stolen and in any event cheque's can be stopped even when used with a guarantee card. We have also experienced problems in the past with signatures not looking 100% identical to that on the card (common most reason banks give to decline payment)
  4. Can you send items to an address that is different to one used for my credit card account?
    No- not under any circumstances. Most online credit card fraud is caused by merchants allowing this to happen. If you have lost or had a credit card stolen you will know how stressful this can be. Therefore if all merchants adopted the same policy it would virtually eliminate online credit card fraud.
  5. can i pay over the telephone?
    No. Telephone line intercepts make identity theft extremely easy which is why we do not want to put our customers at risk. Also it the transaction relies on a conversation which can be changed or denied by either party.