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Silver price reaches record highs. Prices of raw silver have shot up to a record 18 year high. Alex Brogan - chief silverstall mines operator said "we cannot peg prices any more particularly as the demand for both gold and silver has escalated. Chinas' demand for example has increased by 200% in the past six months! - i think the big jewellery market prices will rise by at least 30% over the next 12 months". Luckily for silverstall customers we stockpiled enough silver supplies for the next 2 months so we should be able to absorb the increase until xmas without having to increase the price of our silver jewellery although if you compare our prices with competitors we are already too cheap.

Jewellery Improvements throughout October to December 2005

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This quarters highlights in improvements to our silver jewellery business.

December 2005

Happy new year and Happy xmas to all our customers. All the staff at silverstall would like to thank all our customers for making this a bumper year. Whilst trading conditions in the UK remain challenging, overseas operations have passed our expectations. and once again we thank you all for your support and loyalty.

shipment of silver on board old galleon

Researching old records revealed an old bill of lading dated 26th November 1482. A shipment of silver was bartered in exchange for some salt (subsequently sold to fishermen in Plymouth). The bill of lading is endorsed with what many thought was the US flag but which transpires to be the coat of arms of the customs officer - namely Richard 'Amerike.' What's bizarre is that it is 17 years before Vespucci sailed with Columbus which led to the 'new continent' being called America. So the name 'America' including its flag could have evolved years before Vespucci sailed to America.

work continues at updating this site however due to exceptional demands it may take longer than anticipated.

New gemstone pendants are a big hit with now only limited stocks left of the zircon heart pendants which are sold at the cheapest price in the uk.


A new look web-site is on its way. The old frame sets will be replaced by new CSS2 layers which effectively means you can actually view all the web-site. Also it will be totally secure with easier navigation and faster download times. The re-vamp will start on 29th November.

New xmas silver jewellery has arrived and will be displayed over the next 2 weeks with the major items being published here over the next 6 weeks.


Don't leave it too late for xmas.

A range of new silver lockets have been introduced a selection of which appear on this site.