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Gem Pendants - Latest additions

One of the advantages of a silver pendant compared to a gold pendant, is they tend to be larger and heavier, -primarily because of the cost. This means the silver pendant is more noticeable and far less likely to be lost than its lightweight gold counterpart.

The gemstones used are carefully selected to ensure their colour combines with silver. They are all hand cut to precision and their natural elegance is exemplified by their carefully worked settings.

mother of pearl pendant with eight petals

Flower Pendant

Eight petals of mother of pearl create a stunning multicolored silver pendant for only £9.95.

pink mother of pearl pendant

Pink Mother of Pearl Pendant

A quaint example of handicraft is this beautiful mosaic of pink and blue mother of pearl, inlaid onto a silver pendant for only £9.95. The pastel shades create a patchwork of colour and elegance.

red coral pendantmodel wearing red coral necklace

Red Coral Pendant

A beautiful rectangular red coral pendant. This seasons desirable accessory which can be purchased for a modest £9.95. We ensure the coral used is from naturally available sources such as pieces washed ashore. We do not use any corals known to have come from reefs or protected sources.

mother of pearl gem pendant

Small Colourful Gem Pendant

A small rectangular pendant decorated with fifteen squares of mother of pearl. £9.95. A stunning item of handmade silver jewellery.

citrine and gemstones pendant

Citrine pendant

A large pendant comprising of a variety of faceted gemstones including two stunning citrines. This multi-gemstone pendant will really brighten up any outfit and add colour to a grey day.

See our selection of silver pendants with real, natural gemstones and semi-precious faceted and cabochon stone settings. Also consider if you are buying a gift what is the birthstone of the recipient.

Throughout this site we have matching earrings and bangles that will accompany and compliment these pendants.

Add a touch of colour to that favourite outfit with one of our pendants with a gemstone setting. All of them use only real sterling silver and are built to the high standard of craftsmanship.

Wherever or whatever the occasion these pendants look cool either suspended from silver chains or a leather cord.