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We congratulate our friends and colleagues at Playsonthenet.com who very shortly will be moving from local to global in a very big way with a multi-million pound re launch. Team leader Jackie says 'its amazing how a plymouth business can expand once it escapes from the clutches of the cartel gripping this city'

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April to June 2006

June 2006

Global raw silver shortages are causing further price rises. Currently it is estimated there is only 130million ounces of silver available which means another large investor (e.g. another Barclays) could overnight double the silver price. As Gold and precious metals continue to soar in price, investors are now increasingly looking at silver as an alternative to the unstable currency and oil prices. Furthermore the Silverstall's mine advisor, Alex Brogan has warned that despite the massive increase in value it still can only be mined for a reasonable profit as a by-product of mining Gold and other metals. 'currently i forecast the $11 an ounce will spike at $25 very shortly'. This could result in every item on this site being sold for less than its scrap value. A close source in Peru is holding back on huge reserves to protect the price however we suspect this will have little effect as the biggest producers are the multi national public companies. Whatever the outcome rest assured that our own reserves of silver will negate some of the effect of Global investment and as our CEO Jeff Hall has stated 'we are hoping to ride out the forthcoming storm by falling back on those reserves'. In the meantime if you are searching for a bargain look no further than this site.

A new and exciting range of silver necklaces have been added to our stores. Designed by Wei of yiproductions.com they are exclusively available from our Plymouth stores and hopefully will be available online shortly. At last we have managed to catalogue some of our gemstones on silver rings. Over the next few weeks we hope to publish a varied selection of some of those gemstone rings


A new range of wood on silver and costume gemstone necklace jewellery has been added to our shops. Shop manageress Yiwen reports 'the necklaces are selling so fast we are unlikely to have enough stocks left for the web-site.' This past 6 weeks have seen a huge leap in visitors to the shops making April one of our busiest month in 10 years. I think shoppers are beginning to realize that the long necklaces being sold as this seasons must-have are in fact our 'end-of line' necklaces we were selling two years ago.


Silver prices have reached new record highs as predicted in Decembers news article however Alex Brogan of the silverstall chief mines operator says that demand is slowly beginning to level out. The voracity of oil and dollar prices drove a lot of big investors to the precious metals however he predicts the market will soon change particularly as the dollar begins to stabilize and oil prices set to fall once the political upheaval with Iran and Kenya settles.