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July to September 2006

This feature is intended to deliver up to date information and news of new products and Silver jewellery developments for the next 13 weeks.

model wearing necklace

September 2006

A new range of necklaces at £1.95 were launched over the weekend with an incredible response. We have developed a new more flexible resin, which combined with a silicone base makes a fabulous base and mount for colourful beaded necklaces. The model shows off one of those necklaces in our Plymouth store.


A new fresh look web site is being undertaken and will gradually replace the old one which had suffered from rendering problems with Firefox and Netscape. The home page and some others have now been installed which are IE7.1 and firefox compatible.

New necklaces all sold out!! we hope to replenish stocks that were intended to last 4 months with more £1.95 necklaces on the 8th September.

A new range of gemstone necklaces at £1.95 have been added to our stores, but be quick, they are selling really fast with demand far exceeding supply.

Congratulations to our home team Plymouth Argyle on making some astute changes that will guarantee promotion this season.


hot summers night on beach in Bali

With the hot summer nights silver jewellery has never looked better. The contrast with tanned skin is startling although this has also been a record season for sales of banana bars with our own designs of dangle banana bars being the favourite. As Plymouth shop manageress Yiwen says 'a lot of customers are moving away from the cheaper dull metals such as titanium and steel, in favour of the more traditional precious metals such as gold and silver - the problem with titanium is after a few weeks it looks so dull and boring, lacking the natural glitz provided by silver'.