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This hand crafted little masterpiece is a marvellous treasure that makes a lasting present of silver jewellery.

At its deepest point the locket is 5 mm deep. This tapers down to its slim The six sides each of which are roughly 10 mm in length. Consequently the design bulges like a traditional locket with its front and rear covers convex in shape.

Specifications of Silver Locket

Approximate dimensions are 21 mm wide by 21 mm high. This quaint little locket adopts a unique and innovative design. Weighing approximately four grams of fine sterling silver. The clasp can accommodate a chain or thong of up to 4mm in diameter.

hexagonal silver locket

Hexagonal Locket

£11.95 - An unusual hexagonal shaped sterling silver locket. The smooth and shining silver compliments the unique design of this locket. The six sided locket is bevelled on all six sides to provide a relatively deep space. The bale has a hand cut wavy contour. This medium sized pendant is a great addition to any jewellery box.

Like its honeycomb counterpart the locket's unique hexagonal shape is one of the most efficient for storage.

hexagonal locket

For a lasting gift of silver jewellery, this unique and distinguished locket is ideal.