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Slim Silver Locket

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This well composed locket is an attractive and functional item of silver jewellery.

Both the cover and the reverse side are polished plain silver.

The long lemon shape is ideally suited for portrait sized objects or pictures.

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slim lemon shaped silver locket slim silver locket open

This slim, elegant, lemon shaped sterling silver locket is beautifully smooth and sleek. Hand crafted to precision so that a distinctive audible click is heard when closing. Both lids have beautifully curved and smooth edges, giving a quality feel to them.


long and slim sterling silver locket

Dimensions of Locket

It is Four grams in weight and 14 mm wide by a relatively long 27 mm. It is a perfectly sized locket with a beautifully slim body that measures 4 mm deep. The interior is bordered by a frame to store photographs.