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The ideal gift of jewellery that can be passed on from generation to generation. The locket can be strung from a chain or thong which has a clasp or thickness of up to 5 mm.

The "v"shaped pendant bale has smooth edges.

Both sides of the locket are plain highly polished silver that if necessary can be engraved. The unique item of jewellery is boxed in a specially hand made gift box.

sterling silver locketThe sterling silver locket with its size compared to a UK £1 coin

A Functional Item of Silver Jewellery

£17.50 - A sterling silver silver locket with a stunning smooth finish. The polished surface of the silver has been finished to perfection and the precision welded hinge blends into the curvature of the side, so as to be barely visible. This generously proportioned oval shaped locket is ideal for many uses. Mouse-over image to see the interior of the locket. It has quite a generously sized and deep interior. Both corresponding lids are engraved with a feint floral motif. A lasting token of affection.

sterling silver oval locket

Dimensions of Oval Locket

mother of pearl locketmouse-over image to open or close

Over 6 grams of fine hand-crafted sterling silver is used to create this enduring keepsake. The oval shaped locket has a width of approximately 20 mm and a height of 28mm. The 6 mm interior can be used to store treasured images or secret items. The front and rear lids are shaped as a dome.