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There are only a few designs of ring that incorporate two rings fused together in this fashion.

A common misconception is that bats are blind. Although their flight is assisted by a form of radar and although some do have small eyes ,nevertheless Bats are not blind.

The Bat ring is a must have jewellery for Goths and Chiroptera enthusiasts. When not worn it makes an interesting ornament and if desired it can easily be mounted on dark wood for presentational purposes.

Bats are the only mammals that can sustain flight. Of over 900 species only 3 (Desmodontinae) feed on blood.

silver bat ring

The Ultimate Chiroptera Ring

£39.95 The ultimate bat ring. Cast in sterling silver the wings span over two or more fingers and hence two rings. The highly detailed head and body is precision made showing also the detail of the bats small round ears and mouth.

Dimensions of Ring

bat ring on fingers

This large item of goth jewellery weighs an impressive 31 grams. It expands over two fingers and the rings are fully adjustable and expandable which is why no ring sizes have been mentioned. The span of the bats wings measures over 70 mm from tip to tip. It is usually worn on the second and third fingers however there is nothing to stop you form wearing on any adjacent two fingers.