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Silver Thumb Ring

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silver thumb ring
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A practical item of silver jewellery in the sense it can be worn with anything and at any time giving your hand a contemporary look and feel.

The four arms which curl out of the shank are given a beveled edge making them smooth enough to avoid being caught in clothing.

Some say the design is an abstract form of a gecko with the four curls resembling its feet and the zigzag shape representing the animals body. It is nevertheless open to interpretation and it can be whatever you want it to be.

sterling silver thumb ring

A Silver Ring of Distinction

A silver ring with a modern and contemporary design. A zigzag shaped silver band forms the basis of the ring shank. From the band flow four curls. The band crossovers itself to form a wide knot effect to the rear. Available in large sizes:- R, V, X, Y, Z+2



silver thumb ring

Ring Dimensions

With a weight averaging six grams (spread over the range of sizes) it is a fairly heavy and substantial ring. Between its widest points the ring measures 15 mm.

The ideal Thumb Ring

The large sizes and its unique design make this ring ideally suited for wear on a thumb. Moreover it is available in the super large size of Z+2.