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Slim Black Watch

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slim black watch
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The classical features of this beautiful time-piece are captured on an elegant black leather strap.

For gentlemen or ladies this watch possess all the looks you would expect from a magnificent item of chronology.

slim black watch

Slim watch

A unisex, slim and elegant design of quartz watch with black leather strap and matching rectangular face. Its looks are deceptive as it can easily be mistaken for a far more expensive design. The dark leather and shiny steel combine perfectly to produce an aesthetically pleasing watch.


Watch Dimensions

This stunning watch is a terrific accessory to any outfit. The slim face (includes the steel frame around the glass) measures 18 mm Wide by 37 mm High. The unique feature of this watch is the strap runs right through the centre of the body and actually forms part of the face. Consequently it is impossible for the strap to slip out of any pins. Moreover it adds to the design as the side profile of the body are three layers of steel, leather and then steel again. The soft leather strap measures approximately 8 inches long and has a stainless steel buckle. The back of the watch is also cast in stainless steel with no allergy sensitive metals being used.