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Drake Circus Shopping Centre

The nearby shopping centre (which is a mall - separate and distinct from the shopping centre within the Drake Circus area) re-opens. Shoppers can enjoy weather-free shopping as the half empty Plymouth city centre continues to migrate under cover. A short walk from its car-park will take you to our drake circus shop although the Armada Shopping Centre (with 100% occupancy) remains the more popular destiny for the more savvy shopper. The new centre can be found behind the portakabins and purple fencing opposite our Drake Circus shop. Our prediction is that in a years time the west end of Plymouth will see a 25 to 30% drop in revenue with a further drop the year after as more major retailers move out.

New Jewellery

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We hope with this page to publish details of the new jewellery for this christmas season.

December 2006

The Silverstall sales have started in our shops. Lasting from now until the 20th January many items will half-price.

Happy christmas! Congratulations to all the Silverstall graduates for attaining their bachelor of honour degrees at the university of plymouth. 'it has been a tremendous 3 year learning experience and i cannot thank enough the Silverstall for giving me the opportunity to study at such an excellent university' said Lin Yui Chen.

silverstall graduates

Meanwhile our new range of Shiva-shell bracelets are selling extremely fast. Shop manageress Yiwen warned we may not have enough left for xmas so hurry while stocks last.

Thank you to all our local customers who regularly e-mail us with complaints at the appalling amount of public taxes spent by the business improvement district on promoting Drake Circus and other pet projects. We agree there should be more accountability by business improvement districts on how public taxes should be spent. It is not in the interests of the public for a local authority body to buy new cars and give them away to shoppers whilst at the same time closing down nursing homes. If you wish to complain we urge you to write to your MP as we are unable to respond to the flood of complaints we receive daily on an issue for which we have no control or influence. In our view a "bid" should be an outward looking organisation designed to benefit all its area and not just two ends of it.


picture of three budhas

As well as jewellery our Drake Circus shop now exhibits and sells a range of oil paintings. An example are the three Budhas which can be bought separately at £45 each or all three for £120.

As if we need not remind you its the season of increased mortgage payments and increased stress. Yes - its christmas !!! So this christmas why not reduce the alcohol budget and invest in a lifetimes luxury. Unlike many, we place all our resources in the product - not the packaging. When you buy from us you buy quality at an affordable price without paying a premium for packaging that has ripped out yet another piece of our finite environmental resources.


A new range of silver hoop earrings have been added to this site. Meanwhile the latest designs of necklaces have proved extremely popular in our Plymouth shops.


For the new postal rates for overseas orders please refer to sending jewellery abroad
The new heart shaped silver locket is proving to a huge success in our drake circus shop, so hurry whilst stocks last.