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Cameo Brooch

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cameo brooch
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The intricate hand-carvings are aimed at fulfilling your lifestyle as well as aesthetic needs. Notwithstanding its relatively modest price this large cameo is a superb example of quality costume jewellery.

costume cameo brooch

Mother of Pearl Relief

Imitation mother of pearl relief set on a round grey background. The white relief is of a traditional elegant lady. The round shaped cameo is set in a brooch with an ornate design decorated with white crystals. Suspended from the brooch is a faceted black stone with smaller white crystals.


Dimensions of Brooch

This large brooch measures 55mm x 87mm creating a fairly substantial item of jewellery. The actual round cameo has a diameter of 42mm.

History of the Cameo Brooch

The process of carving a picture in relief with a different coloured background can be traced back to Egyptian times however the modern day cameo as we know it evolved from the cameos worn by popular figureheads such as Queen Elizabeth 1 and Napoleon. Many english jewellers adopted the blue and white styling of porcelain manufacturers such as wedgwood.