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Bali-Style Silver Hoops

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Posted and presented in a lovely velvet bag, these are an ideal gift of silver jewellery. The design is as fashionable now as it was over 30 years ago. An enduring design that blends well with any outfit or occasion.

You can easily maintain its shine with our silver Polish cloth

As the photograph demonstrates these are quite a large pair of hoop earrings and they certainly will not escape attention.

The finely detailed pattern is wrapped on two hollow tubes to create a marvellous pair of earrings. These highly detailed earrings are made carefully by hand and will never fail to inspire.

Constructed entirely from sterling silver throughout, they contain no nickel or other allergy sensitive metals.

Ball hoop earrings

balinese ear-rings with a knot

Silver Bali style with a knot.

A pair of intricate silver hoop ear-rings, in a Balinese inspired design. A knot of silver wire is bordered by Bali style coils of silver. The Bali style braiding is interspersed with a subtle twin coil of braided beading to compliment the design.

£9.95 Temporarily out of stock.

large pair of hoop earrings

Hoop Earring Specifications

Approximate diameter of the earring is 36 mm and the combined weight of the pair is four grams. The wire has an internal hinge which inserts the tubular ring body.