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Silver Cow Earrings

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silver cow earrings
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The separate components create a stunning three dimensional effect. They make a unique and unusual silver jewellery gift.

Each individual component is made entirely by hand.

They are a comparatively large earring so they will definitely stand out from the crowd adding novelty and humour to any occasion.

three dimensional cow silver ear-rings
3d silver cow earrings

Cows on silver Hoops Earrings

A unique pair of silver cow earrings. The head and body freely rotate on the silver hoops. All components are easily removed, so that the ear-ring can be worn one day as a novelty cow or as a plain silver hoop the next day.


Dimensions of Cow Hoop Earrings

silver cows on earring

Approximate diameter of the hoop is 35 mm while the total weight of both earrings is 6.3 grams. The head, body and tail of the cow are separated by sterling silver spheres. The cow's head measures approximately 10 mm from ear to ear.