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No respected silver jewellery store would be complete without these classics in an extra large size.

The term "creole" comes from the Latin "creare" which means to create. It has a wide range of uses and meanings throughout different countries and cultures. Within the jewellery industry the term is applied to the distinctive style of an elongated or stretched hoop with a bulge in its lowest curvature.

silver creoles
silver creoles

Sterling Silver Creoles

£14.95 - A pair of large silver creole earrings with hinged fastening. The hollow shape creates strength whilst at the same time reducing weight to make them more comfortable. Both the interior and exterior surfaces are highly polished to increase the shine and dazzle of the pure silver.

silver creoles

Dimensions of Earring

With a diameter of 35 mm these large earrings cannot fail to be seen. The generous width of 6 mm gives the design a full body. Made from sterling silver they are are of durable and lasting quality weighing just over 10 grams. The earring fastens by means of a concealed hinge post that curves into the interior of the earring body.