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Notwithstanding their relatively small diameter these are quite thick so they remain noticeable. The image below shows the earring compared to a UK pound coin.

Spoil yourself with these creative and visually stunning hoop earrings.

A hinged wire slots into the open square end of the hoop for attachment.

A simple statement of style that represents the latest in jewellery designs.

square tube earrings

Unique Silver Earrings

£7.50 - A unique pair of sterling silver hoop earrings. A square tube of plain silver is rounded to create these unusual and attractive earrings, in a chunky style. The hinge wire swivels on a small post concealed inside the square and hollow tube. (Please note these are slightly different to the previous pair that has a narrower edge.)

plain silver tubular earrings

Dimensions of Hoop Earring

The Approximate dimensions of this hoop are:- Diameter = 20 mm, Width and depth of tube = 3 mm, Weight = 2 to 3 grams. Each hollow square tube is 3 mm deep giving then the distinctive shape and style of a square earring. A very popular and stylish accessory for your ears.