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Amethyst Silver Locket

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Both the body of the locket and its clasp are composed of marcasite silver-work. It has a generous depth of 10 mm. The reverse back is plain silver. A remarkable and stunning masterpiece of jewellery.

Its styling can be traced back over 150 years as its design was inspired from a similar piece created for Queen Victoria.

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Antique Appearance

An oval shaped silver locket which has an amethyst stone as its centrepiece. The oval, faceted amethyst is set on a plinth welded to an intricate lattice of silverware.

Dimensions of Amethyst locket

Weighing over 10 grams, this richly luxuriant locket has an antique look. The deep purple amethyst stone beautifully compliments the hand worked silver which is further decorated with marcasite stones. Its dimensions are 18 mm wide by 24 high.