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This depth makes it ideal for storing small little objects such as medicines or as the Victorians once did, the hair of a beloved one. (often referred to as mourning jewellery)

The locket can be hung from a chain or bracelet or necklace thong. It can be worn alone or combined with other pendants or charms.

The Victorians were notorious for not only using such lockets to store the hair of a beloved one but also poison. This locket shape would have been ideal to hide the poisonous tablet or pill.

deep locket

A Functional Item of Silver Jewellery

£9.95 - A small silver locket with a deep interior. The curvaceous locket is formed from two stunningly tooled oval halves that are hinged to make this practical yet stylish locket.

deep oval locket

Dimensions of Round Locket

Over four grams of pure sterling silver are used to make this deep oval locket. It measures only 13 mm wide and 17 mm high but has a depth of over 10 mm.