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Engraved Silver Locket

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For alluring silver jewellery this locket meets the criteria. It has quite a deep interior (click on image) and is an attractive adornment.

Lockets can make great gifts at any time of the year particularly on Valentine's Day or as wedding or Christening present. During the Victorian Age lockets were used as a solemn gift of affection at funerals, often containing an image or hair of the dearly parted.

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engraved oval shaped silver locket engraved oval silver locket open

Engraved with a Floral Pattern

An oval silver locket that has been decorated by a unique engraving. The left hand side of the locket lid is engraved with a classical leaf and floral design. A small pattern border runs around the outside. Inside the locket is ideal for small items and images.


oval locket with floral engraving

Locket Dimensions

The approximate dimensions of this desirable locket are 15 mm wide by 20 high. To the side of the locket is a small latch for secure fastening. Overall weight is slightly over 3-4 grams. If is 4 mm in depth and the reverse side has a plain, polished sliver face.