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Silver Garnet Locket

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The roomy interior of the locket is a great way to store images of your family of a group of friends.

Making silver lockets is a skilled and time-consuming practice. This locket is no exception with its deep red garnet stone, facet cut to precision detail.

Its design and unique double heart makes it an ideal romantic gift of jewellery

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Deep Red Garnet

Attractive heart shaped sterling silver locket. The locket is beautifully decorated with marcasite stones. The intricate detail of the locket lid has a heart shaped garnet set as its centre-piece. The design depicts the capture of one heart inside another heart. The smaller interior heart is joined by a series of tiny silver bars to the outer heart. When given as a present the locket is intended to donate the donors heart to the recipient of the locket.

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garnet silver locket

Dimensions of Garnet locket

It has a width of 20 mm at its widest point. The delicately crafted hinge is located on the right hand side of the lid. The reverse half of the locket is plain silver with no decoration. It weighs nine grams and is a roomy 10 mm deep. A highly unusual and desirable item of silver jewellery.