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The locket has an engraving of leafage on both sides. The clasp is similarly engraved.

The hinges are lovingly hand tooled from good quality sterling silver. An ideal gift of jewellery for a family member or loved one. The locket is delivered in its own handmade gift box and represents excellent value for money.

Locket with an Irregular Octagon Shape

round locket

£9.95 - A rare and unique item of silver jewellery in the form of a silver locket in the shape of an irregular octagon. This eight sided locket has a relatively generous deep interior. Mouse-over image to see interior.

Dimensions of Locket

It measures 20mm high and is 14mm wide. With a depth of over 7 mm the silver locket can accommodate not only pictures but a whole range of small little items that you want as a keep-sake. Weighing over four grams of hand-crafted sterling silver, the locket makes a traditional accessory to any outfit. The locket can be suspended from a chain or thong up to 5mm in diameter.