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An Engraved Oval Locket

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This treasured keepsake has a depth of 4 mm which is sufficient for most little precious items or pictures. The feature of this locket is the beautiful hand tooled engraving of a traditional floral motif.

The oval shape interior has a narrow frame of silver that can for example frame a small picture. It weighs approximately four grams and is gift boxed.

To the side of the locket is a small thumb-nail groove to assist in opening the locket. Inside the locket is a small pin which clicks into place for secure fastening.

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silver locket with engraved floral pattern engraved silver locket open

Locket with Floral Motif

A small to medium sized silver locket in an oval shape with a gorgeous floral motif. The beautifully worked silver reflects hues of shimmering light, to enhance the beauty of this marvellous gem of jewellery. The floral engraving is on both sides so that it can be worn either side facing outwards.


engraved oval shaped silver locket

Locket Dimensions

The approximate dimensions of this desirable locket are 17 mm wide by 21 mm high at its furthest points. It weighs roughly four grams and has a pendant bale which has am internal width of approximately 4 mm.