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Watch Information and specifications

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For many years we have rebuilt and repaired watch mechanisms. This is why we do not sell some brand name watches, as we know for a modest sum you are buying a watch with exactly the same mechanism as a far more expensive brand-name watch. This does not always apply, particularly to the high end quality watches or reputable mid-range watchmakers who frequently hand build their watches with precision detail.

If you are reluctant to spend money of renewing the battery when its life expires then see our comprehensive guide on how to remove a watch battery

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Specifications of our Watches

Chronographic technology and manufacturing skills have developed considerably over the past decade. Consequently notwithstanding their relatively low price, each watch has been built to high standards, incorporating the latest microchip mechanisms that are now mass-produced to the same standard as some of their expensive counterparts. Although none of our watches are truly waterproof they will withstand splashes, rain and minor spillages.

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Watch Guarantee

Each watch is guaranteed for twelve months - except as with other watch retailers, this guarantee does not extend to the battery or strap. It does not affect your statutory rights.

Gift Wrapped

Depending on the size/design each watch is dispatched in a presentational velvet drawstring bag or a slim gift-box.

Easy Time Adjustment

All our watches come with easy button adjustment to the time by simply pulling out the button. They can also be stopped by leaving the button out so that if you want to store the watch away for a few months in a drawer or jewellery box, you can simply pull out the button thereby preventing unnecessary battery loss.

Disposable Watch Mechanisms

With the exception of extremely high-end watches, most mechanisms are not designed to be repaired. Instead they can easily be replaced by removing the winder and dial hands. The average cost to produce a mechanism is less than a dollar whereas to repair one with say a new capacitor will on average cost about ten dollars. So in today's market practically all quartz watch mechanisms are in effect disposable.