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An ultra-modern unisex watch with a stainless steel strap that can be adjusted. The iridescent silver face reflects light to create an image of horologic magnificence.

A true designers watch at a fraction of the price you would expect to pay for such outstanding quality and design. Its second, minute and hour dials rotate underneath the static red line.

A truly innovative watch combining a fifties retro style with the look of a ultra modern design.

clac watch

Static Clac Watch

£12.95 - A new way to tell the time in a fifties retro style watch. The rotating dials reveal the time against the static red line located in the centre of the watch face.- we are sorry that we have in fact sold the last one however it is hoped to return this watch in time for summer 2008.

Watch Specifications

clac watch face

The large sized watch face has a diameter of approximately 40 mm. Ideally it can be worn as a dress watch and is not water-proof, although it is water resistant meaning the occasional splash will not hurt it. Its stainless tell strap has four holes in its catch by which to adjust the strap length and has a safety clip to prevent the clasp from sliding open during wear.