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We have a matching shiva-shell pendant which will compliment our shiva-shell bracelets. We also have a shiva shell ring that will compliment this stunning bangle.

The striking swirls of a dark greenish brown against a pure white background give the interior cross section of a Shiva-shell its stunning and distinctive colour. This hand-crafted cuff bangle uses the finest sterling silver. Its cuff band is solid and cradles the round shell in a sturdy fashion with dynamic styling.

silver bangle with three shiva shells

Silver Cuff Bangle with a Shiva-Shell

£39.95 - An exemplary shiva shell set in a sterling silver mount, sandwiched between two curved cuff bands that merge into one. A lovely design that can be worn at any time of the year. This stunning round shell possess truly inspirational natural beauty.

silver bangle with shiva shells

Specifications of Shiva-Shell Bangle

Approximate wrist width of the bangle is 66 mm.(medium sized wrists) It weighs over 16 grams so it is a fairly strong and durable item of jewellery. The shiva shell (sometimes spelt Chiva) have been left in its natural round shape. The shell has a diameter of 23 mm.

The bangle is gift boxed and the individuality of its shell makes a unique gift of silver jewellery.